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Japan - The Art of Parties

Well I’m burning
I’m burning buildings
I’m building…this time

For the art of parties
Under heavy weather
The art of parties
I’m burning

What the fuck happened between now and the 80s? Guys in the 80s were walking around in high heels and lipstick with dangly earrings and it wasn’t even a thing. Now though every single thing people do is under this massive microscope of judgement and critique. I would assume it had something to do with masculinity issues but honestly the most judgements I have gotten from being feminine in any form such as nail polish or makeup have been from women. I just don’t even.

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David Sylvian - Forbidden Colours

Learning to cope with feelings aroused in me
My hands in the soil, buried inside of myself
My love wears forbidden colours

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IAMX - Your Joy Is My Low (Live Acoustic)

You shift the play, push the curve to sit between your thighs
It’s a sign, it’s time to exercise the lines
You want the double cut through to wet, invade and slide
You slide and I’m awake and I’m the slave tonight

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David Bowie - Something in the Air

You shall still hear
as long as the beast in me maintains
its taciturn power to close my lids
in tears, and my loins move yet
in the ennobling pursuit of all the worlds
you have left me alone in, and would be
the dolorous distraction from,
while you summon your army of anguishes
which is a million hooting blood vessels
on the eyes and in the ears
at that instant before death

Frank O’Hara - Meditations in an Emergency